Aesthetix Jupiter IO Eclipse Ultimate Phonostage

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Aesthetix's top line phono offering, squeezing every last ounce of performance imaginable.

The Eclipse versions of Io and Callisto are the next evolution of these industry standard products. The transformation includes two main parts: internal parts and chassis / casework.

The bulk of the internal changes revolve around the new Stealthcap(TM) from Peter Moncrief. So, what is StealthCap(TM) all about? As you know, when you stand at one end of a gymnasium and your friend stands at the other end, the two of you can hardly understand what the other one is saying. Why? The multiple reflections from the gym's boundaries garble the sonic message, so it's a mess after the long trip along the gym's length. The same reflection problem happens in all other capacitors. The plate in a typical capacitor is actually as long as a gymnasium, and the signal's many reflections off the boundaries of this long plate cause many echoes that garble and corrupt your music.

StealthCap cures this reflection problem. StealthCap uses radical new Stealth Technology(TM) (patents pending), with exotic new conductors and dielectrics, to dramatically reduce reflections, just as stealth aircraft do. You see, the electromagnetic wave that carries your music signal throughout the long capacitor plate is just like the electromagnetic wave we call radar, so stealth technology can control one as well as the other. The new Stealth Technology in StealthCap dramatically reduces corrupting signal reflections in the capacitor plate, just as stealth technology in an aircraft dramatically reduces radar signal reflections. StealthCap even employs exotic composite resins to reduce reflections.

These capacitors bring your Io to new levels of performance. First, you'll notice the incredible intertransient silence, the inky black quiet background, that StealthCap gives you. Other capacitors, plagued by internal reflections, add a haze of noise (just like the echoing noise from the reflections in that gym), to what should be a black, quiet background.

Second, you'll probably notice the amazing transparency of StealthCap, revealing a wealth of subtle musical information that you never heard before from your recordings, and revealing rich spatial imaging that you never heard before. Other capacitors veil and obscure this musical and imaging information, just as the reflective echoes in that gym obscure the words your friend was speaking.

Third, you'll hear the clear focus and articulate coherence of StealthCap. All parts, of every musical note and every musical transient attack, cohere together and are all articulately focused and united at the same moment. You'll hear how other capacitors blur, defocus, and time smear the parts of a musical note, so these parts can't sound together as a united, coherent, articulate single whole note (that's just like the echoing reflections in that gym, which time smear your clearly spoken words, so they become garbled and less articulate). StealthCap's focused, tactile coherence gives you a musical realism you've never heard from any other capacitor.

Fourth, you'll hear the stunning dynamic impact of StealthCap. Because all parts of every musical note and transient attack are united at the same moment, they all sound together and add up to a higher transient peak, with a higher dynamic crest factor and impact, thus reproducing the recording's dynamics much more accurately. Other capacitors smear some of the energy from dynamic peaks to later moments in time, thereby robbing those peaks of their true dynamic range and true impact (just like the echoing reflections in that gym take some of the peak energy from your articulate speaking, and transplant that energy to later moments in time, where it becomes obscuring background noise).

You probably know that manufacturing each B-2 bomber requires ridiculously time consuming precision handiwork, working with expensive exotic materials, in order to minimize radar reflections for its stealth technology. That's why the B-2 has to be ridiculously expensive, costing far more than other non-stealth aircraft of similar size. Likewise, ridiculous amounts of time consuming precision handiwork is invested to craft each individual StealthCap, using expensive exotic materials, in order to optimize radical breakthrough Stealth Technology. So the cost of each StealthCap has to be ridiculously high.

Internal changes to the Io start with .22uF / 600v Stealth coupling capacitors. These are made of exotic copper foil. These are used between the second and third gain stages, and the third gain stage and output stage. Eight total of these exotic capacitors are used.

There are four 4uF / 400v coupling capacitors used in the output stage of the Io. In the Eclipse version, these are replaced with Stealth copper foil.

The casework of the Io is the next change in the Eclipse. In previous versions, the top cover was a formed U-shaped sheet of steel. This top cover, while serviceable, is not well damped or rigid. Any vibrations reaching the cover will easily be conveyed into the preamp with little reduction in amplitude. In the Eclipse version, this single-piece top cover is replaced with separate machined side panels and top cover, which greatly improve chassis rigidity and damping. The side panels are 3/8" machined aluminum billet, constrained layer damped with advanced 3M adhesives. The constrained layer damping involves the labor intensive application of heat and pressure to achieve proper mating and mechanical properties. The top cover is 1/8" machined aluminum billet, constrained layer damped. This is attached to the side panels and chassis through advanced 3M interlock material and machine screws. The top cover is thus much easier to remove for tube access. A new three-piece front panel is added which includes detailed machining of the front panel casing, inlay and logo. The power supply also receives the above casework treatment; new side panels, top cover and front panel.

The casework changes bring the preamps to new levels of articulation and clarity. It also allows each piece to ventilate better, improving longevity and reliability.

The four rubber feet are replaced with Harmonic Resolutions Systems' Nimbus Couplers specially made for Aesthetix (Earlier Eclipse pieces did not incorporate this, please contact Aesthetix for this free upgrade if you have an earlier piece without the Nimbus Couplers). This change results in a lower noise floor and more air and space.

Additional dual mono power supplies are only available at the same time as ordering the main unit

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